Zoe EV

With Renault ZOE, the bestselling full electric car in Europe, a 'nouvelle ère automobile' has begun.

Tomorrow’s technology taking care of you and the environment you live in today. Imagine roads free of engine noise, with no CO₂ or NOx emissions whilst driving, a city where you can breathe more easily.

Rediscover the pleasure of motoring every morning. A car that is clean on the outside and clean on the inside; one that you can communicate with remotely. No more queuing at petrol stations,  just plug in, saving time and effort.

ZOE is simple to use, a pleasure to drive, and easy for everyday life. For example, less glass is used in the design to help the climate control work more efficiently. As for the underfloor battery, it lowers the centre of gravity, which ensures good road handling and maximises the interior space and the boot volume. Just like the other models in the Renault Z.E. Range, ZOE is fitted with a lithium-ion battery, offering great performance. 

ZOE maximizes recycling: 85% recyclable by mass and includes 9% recycled plastic (100% in the case of the battery).


0 100

0 - 100KM/H

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The Fix4sure technology and the head/chest frontal airbags in the front*, you are protected from impact and submarining.
*Remember to deactivate the front passenger airbag before installing a rear-facing child seat.

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The electronic stability control (ESC) ensures the stability of your Renault Zoe and Kangoo Z.E, also fitted with ABS and EBV electronic brake variation, combined with the AFU emergency brake assist

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Renault engineers have worked hard to protect the battery pack built into the floor of your Renault Zoe. Protected from impacts and breaks, the battery on your Renault Zoe only has one mission: to take you anywhere you want.

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