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The Tri-Zone Entertainment System offers dual 7-inch screens for second-row passengers, so they can play their own movies or game

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Available Blind Spot Intervention helps alert you to vehicles traveling in your blind spot, then actively assists you back toward the center of your travel lane if you begin to move over.

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The Bose Cabin Surround sound system features 15 speakers that have been custom-engineered specifically for the QX80 to deliver an immersive, multi-channel experience using legendary Bose signal processing.

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Distance Control Assist ingeniously works with Intelligent Cruise Control by anticipating the flow of traffic. With a present following distance selected to the vehicle ahead, it helps maintain it by applying the necessary power or brakes.

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To help anticipate whats next, Forward Collision Warning scans the road while working in conjunction with Intelligent Brake Assist to automatically apply the brakes - reducing collision speed and impact in the event of a collision.

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Lane Departure Prevention (LPD) warns if it detects you drifting from your lane. If the drift continues, it lightly applies selected brakes to help ease you back. But you never give up control. it's designed to assist, not override.

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Around View® Monitor with Moving Object Detection and Front and Rear Sonar makes parking unparalleled. A simulated 360° bird’s eye view from above enhances your vision and perception of what’s around you.

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Backup Collision Intervention increases your awareness and ability to react. As you back up, the system warns you if an object is detected behind your vehicle and can help you avoid a collision by applying the brakes.

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The Infiniti QX80 LED headlights turn as you steer to shed light around the curves ahead, Style and function.

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The instant glow of the LED tail lights are more than distinct, they illuminate brighter and faster than conventional bulbs when you brake to warn those that follow.

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The QX80's expansive interior adapts to you. Arrange the 60/40 split-folding third row and available fold-down second-row bench seats to accommodate up to 8 passengers, or fold them all down for 2,693 litres of cargo room

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Where the dash meets the door or the center console, they are assembled not to be mathematically perfect, but to look perfect. An exacting process tightens the alignment to achieve a seamless design from the driver's point of view.

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Heated first-row seats offer an available cooling climate, while second-row passengers relax in captain's chairs with class-leading legroom or available bench seating that accommodates up to 8.

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Zero-lift aerodynamics ensure your QX80 is balanced while in motion, helping maintain exceptional stability at speed and its intimate connection to the road, even in turbulence.

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The power and size of the QX80 is complemented with innovative technology to augment cornering. The Hydraulic Body Motion Control system monitors force and regulates the suspension for minimised body lean and a smoother ride at all speeds.

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Along with an impressive 3500kg towing capacity, the QX80 offers you an extra dose of confidence at the push of a button. Engage Tow Mode and the engine returns to draw out more pulling power while the transmission adjusts for shifts that suit your heavy load.

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All-mode AWD ensures you're ready for anything. Set it to AUTO, and it continually adjusts power between the front and rear wheels, or enable 2WD, 4WD High or Low to handle any condition.

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With 261mm of ground clearance, the QX80 lets you tackle rough roads, ruts, potholes, and other obstacles, while the commanding view of the road will make you feel that much more in control.

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Zero-lift aerodynamics ensure your QX80 is balanced while in motion, helping maintain exceptional stability at speed and its intimate connection to the road, even in turbulence.

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