Live by your own code. Rules are meant to be rewritten with bold new actions that redefine what's possible. Insist on following your passion. It knows where you should go. More than a sports car, an Infiniti QX70 expresses the full depth of your passions.




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For added convenience and safety, Welcome Lighting responds to your presence automatically with a sequence of exterior then interior lights. The puddle lights illuminate the ground below, the interior lights glow to help you settle in.

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Find your way through the busy streets and unfamiliar territory. The Infiniti Hard Drive Navigation System lets you choose a view that's most intuitive to you - a 2D overhead view or a 3D Birdview perspective.

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Just as you don't think about breathing, the Advanced Climate Control System adjusts without you asking. The system actively cleans the air, helping remove up to 99.5% of allergens.

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With 11 speakers, including two subwoofers, the Bose Premium Audio System delivers your music with captivating depth and astonishing clarity

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With the Around View Monitor with Moving Object Detection and Front and Rear Sonar System, it's easy to see and manoeuver in even the tightest specs.

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Distance Control Assist ingeniously works with Intelligent Cruise Control by anticipating the flow of traffic. With a preset following distance selected to the vehicle ahead, it helps maintain it by applying the necessary power or brakes.

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To help you anticipate what's next, Forward Collision Warning scans the road while working in conjunction with Intelligent Brake Assist to automatically apply the brakes—reducing collision speed and impact in the event of a collision.

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Lane Departure Prevention (LDP) warns if it detects you drifting from your lane. If the drift continues, it lightly applies selected brakes to help ease you back. But you never give up control. It’s designed to assist, not override.

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Thanks to both material and design, these stunning 21-inch alloy wheels heighten both looks and performance. Their light weight allows the suspension to be finely tuned for improved handling. Turn heads. Turn corners.

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The Xenon HID headlights do more than impress. Together with the Adaptive Front Lighting System, they shed light in the direction of your turn.

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Undeniably Infiniti - the double - wave hood rises to meet the elevated front fender, conveying a dynamic, expressive design.

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The double arch grille - the arc of the bottom like a natural reflection to that of the top - gives the front fascia a distinctive appearance.

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Where the dash meets the door or the center console, they are assembled not to be mathematically perfect, but to look perfect. An exciting process tightens the alignment to achieve a seamless design from the driver's point of view.

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Fine Vision electroluminescent gauges are enhanced in colour and contrast for instant clarity. The two dials are even slightly angled to the center in order to be optically aligned with your line of sight.

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Settle in, and the Start/Stop Button pulses with as though with a heartbeat, inviting you to bring your QX70 to life. Touch it and hear the reward.

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Intelligent All-Wheel Drive infinitely adjusts for better traction by sending up to 50% of the power to the front wheels when you need it, and 100% to the rear wheels for better fuel efficiency when you don't.

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Continuous Damping Control helps maintain the perfect balance of smoothness and response, allowing you to get the most out of every mile of road you encounter.

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When choosing a lower gear, Downshift Rev Matching blips the throttle like a performance driver to ready the engine for smoother, quicker shifts.

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Acceleration Swell transforms mechanical power into emotional excitement. Precise tuning unleashes torque over a broader rev range, so the feeling of acceleration lasts longer and is shaped to increase the faster you go.

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The unmistakable tone of Specialty Tuned Exhaust shapes sound to create a heightened acceleration experience. The signature low growl accentuates every trip through the gears.

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Designed with performance in mind, the Front-Midship Platform places the engine closer to the center of the car so your QX70 an sprint into corners and maintain stability driving out of them .

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