Heighten your style and senses.

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Using a combination of 12 sensors, Intelligent Park Assist assesses whether a parking space is big enough and enables the INFINITI QX30 to manoeuvre itself into the spot safely. After checking your surroundings with the Around View® Monitor, you only need to operate the accelerator and brake pedals and the INFINITI QX30 will do the rest whether you’re parallel or reverse parking - Available on S Premium model only.

Infiniti 2017 qx30 around view monitor 2400x1350.jpg.ximg.l 6 m.smart

Gain a new perspective on what’s around you. With the Around View® Monitor with Moving Object Detection and Front and Rear Parking Sensor System, four cameras and one virtual 360° view from above make it easy to see and manoeuvre in even the tightest spaces - Available on the S Premium model only. 

Infiniti 2017 qx30 moving object detection.jpg.ximg.l 6 m.smart

The four cameras not only give you an unprecedented view, they keep watch as well. An audible alert is given when a stationary or moving object is detected behind you or close by, and the appropriate camera is highlighted to show you which side - Available on the S Premium model only. 

Infiniti 2017 qx30 intelligent cruise control 3000x1500.jpg.ximg.l 12 m.smart

Set your desired speed and distance, and Intelligent Cruise Control will automatically adjust your speed in slowing traffic, all the way to a complete stop. Once the way ahead clears, Intelligent Cruise Control will bring you back up to your pre-set speed.

Q30 Global Master Features Blind Spot Warning.jpg.ximg.l 6 m.smart

Sensors deliver an alert when a vehicle is detected entering the blind spot area in an adjacent lane to help you avoid it. First, a warning light illuminates. Then, if you begin moving toward the occupied lane, a warning sounds.

Infiniti 2017 qx30 features lane departure 2400x1350.jpg.ximg.l 6 m.smart

The Lane Departure Warning monitors lane markings and will warn you—as a vibration through the steering wheel—so you can correct your line before leaving your lane.

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These innovative technologies will alert you if you get too close to the vehicle in front and, should you need to stop, will automatically lift the accelerator and apply the brakes.

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Traffic Sign Recognition uses a camera to watch for posted speed limits and gives you a reminder in the instrument panel. When you’re aware, you’re in command. 

Infiniti 2017 qx30 features vehicle dynamic 2400x1350.jpg.ximg.l 6 m.smart

Vehicle Dynamic Control compares actual vehicle cornering to the driver’s input. If the system senses over-steer or under-steer, engine power is adjusted, and appropriate braking is applied to individual wheels to help correct the problem and keep the QX30 on your intended path.

Infiniti qx30 features strong and safe 2400x1350.jpg.ximg.l 6 m.smart

Reinforced with high and ultra high-strength steel in critical areas, the INFINITI QX30 also has advanced zones that crumple gradually – helping absorb the energy of the impact before it reaches the cabin.

Infiniti 2017 qx30 design exterior 2400x1400 17TDIeu QX30013.jpg.ximg.l 6 m.smart

Large 18-inch alloy wheels are unique to the QX30 and enhance its athletic posture.

Infiniti 2017 qx30 design exterior 2400x1400 17TDIeu QX30014.jpg.ximg.l 6 m.smart

The breath-taking new design of the QX30 includes INFINITI's new signature crescent cut back windows.

Infiniti 2017 qx30 design exterior 2400x1350.jpg.ximg.l 6 m.smart

The QX30 looks like nothing else on the streets. A rising and dipping shoulder line runs its entire length. The deep, sharp curves on the doors are so dramatic, engineers had to develop a new type of 3D manufacturing process to produce them. 

QX30 600x337 2.jpg.ximg.l 6 m.smart

Inspired by the human eye, the trademark INFINITI light shape can be seen from both the front and the side. It is echoed in the tail lamps for definitive character from every angle

17TDI QX30b015 3000x1500.jpg.ximg.l 6 m.smart

Developed in Italy by the high-fashion industry for use on surfaces you touch often, Dinamica® imparts a suede-like feel to the front pillars and headliner.

Infiniti 2017 qx30 Design Interior 2400x1400 17TDIeu QX30011.jpg.ximg.l 6 m.smart

This genuine leather is selected for its exceptional, clothing-quality softness. Then it’s used beyond the seating surfaces, such as the dash.

Infiniti 2017 qx30 Design Interior 2400x1400 17TDIeu QX30009.jpg.ximg.l 6 m.smart

Open the rear trunk and reveal a wide opening that makes loading and unloading easier. What’s more, the 60/40 folding rear seats create more space to carry your things.

Infiniti 2017 qx30 Design Interior 2400x1400 17TDIus QX30007.jpg.ximg.l 6 m.smart

The way light is reflected and moves across every surface of the QX30’s interior was designed with movement in mind.

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The Intelligent All-Wheel Drive (AWD) works in sync with the Vehicle Dynamic Control system to adjust for better traction. Under normal road conditions, the system operates its front-wheel drive for improved fuel efficiency. Should conditions become compromised, it will send additional power to the rear wheels to enhance traction control. You can count on the INFINITI QX30 to deliver all the power you want, while intelligently using only the power you need.

Q30 Global Master Performance Dual Clutch Transmission.jpg.ximg.l 6 m.smart

Shift delays are now an artifact of history. With one clutch for even gears and another for odd, the next gear is already pre-selected. The result is smooth gear changes you’ll interpret as pure, clean power.
Adjust your driving experience to fit the moment. Whether you want efficiency, smoothness or sportiness, select Manual, ECO or Sport mode to fine-tune your performance needs.

QX30 600x337.jpg.ximg.l 6 m.smart 1

Sporty yet forgiving, you can feel the attention paid to tuning the QX30 shock absorbers. They hold the QX30 tight and stable as you take turns while softening rough pavement and cobblestone, for a rare blance of responsive handling with a smooth ride. Engineers even reduced suspension noise so it sounds smooth.