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Set your desired speed and distance and Intelligent Cruise Control (Full-Speed Range) will automatically adjust your speed in slowing traffic. When traffic speed resumes, Intelligent Cruise Control will bring you back up to your preset speed and distance.

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Working with Direct Adaptive Steering® (Red Sport model only), Active Lane Control evaluates the road ahead and can automatically make small steering angle corrections due to uneven road surfaces or crosswinds..

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The Blind Spot Warning (Red Sport model only) and Blind Spot Intervention® Systems use sensors to detect vehicles entering the blind spot area. First, a warning light will illuminate; then, if you move toward the occupied lane, the steering wheel vibrates. A brief steering input will also be provided to help guide your all-new Q60 back to your current driving lane.

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The INFINITI Safety Shield® concept—our comprehensive approach to safety—layers technologies to help monitor conditions, help you avoid a collision and help protect you and your passengers if one occurs.

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Backup Collision Intervention (Red Sport model only) helps increase your awareness. As you back up, the system warns you if approaching vehicles or large stationary objects are detected behind your all-new Q60, and can help you avoid a collision by applying the brakes.

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The new Bose® Performance Series with Advanced Staging Technology delivers high-performance sound. 13 high-performance speakers, including multiple new 10" and 6 x 9" woofers and a lightweight silk dome tweeter achieve “live performance” precision

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With its low, wide stance, the Q60's large 19-inch alloy wheels make your intentions known.

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Using a revolutionary 3-D stamping process that allows for aggressive creases and deep curves, the high character lines capture your imagination. Engineers even redesigned the door hinges so the leading edge tucks into the fender to provide dramatic sculpting.

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A .29 coefficient of drag says as much time has been spent making this sports coupe invisible to the wind as striking to the eye.

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Crafted to blend comfort with science, the all-new driver's seat performs on a higher design level. Feel the sport-inspired difference. Deep bolsters help hold you in place. Zero gravity research led to a form and cushioning seat design that helps minimise fatigue on long drives.

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Craftsmanship is obvious in the laser-cut holes, which permit tighter stitching and more dynamic free-flowing shapes.

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Your hands move in unique ways and a steering wheel should reflect that. This one does. Sport-inspired thumb grips are just the right shape for performance driving.

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When you turn the wheel, Direct Adaptive Steering® (Red Sport model only) does something no other steering system can do. It transmits driver input at the speed of electrons versus the speed of mechanical linkages. Since your steering is digitally processed, you get the response you want. Smooth. Quick. Precise. Every movement is a reaction to your command, tuned for a more natural connection.

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You are the driver. Let the all-new Dynamic Digital Suspension (DDS) (Red Sport model only) adapt to you. Enjoy a smooth ride when you want it or a more agile response when you demand it. New adaptive dampers change the focus based on your Drive Mode Selector choice. Switching between modes is instantaneous. So is the ability of DDS to constantly monitor chassis vitals like body roll, pitch and bounce rate.

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The INFINITI Drive Mode Selector takes performance and control to a more refined level. Select between Standard, Snow, Eco, Sport, Sport+ and Personal modes.


Push boldly past the conventional boundaries of design.

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