Life is about possibilities. The Q50 enhances the way you create them. How you define them. More than a mid-size performance sedan, an Infiniti Q50 connects to you on a deeper level.


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Zero-lift aerodynamics ensure your Q50 is balanced while in motion, helping maintain exceptional stability at speed and its intimate connection to the road, even in turbulence.

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The Infiniti Q50 LED headlights turn as you steer to shed light around the curves ahead. Style and function.

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The double-arch grille - the arch of the bottom like a natural reflection to that of the top - gives the front fascia a distinctive appearance.

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The crescent shape rises from the side window to meet the roof dynamic movement, conveying a sense of both strength and elegance.

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The double-wave hood rises to meet the elevated front fender, conveying a dynamic, expressive design.

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There's a rewarding tactile sensation with every press of a button. Feel the detailed level of craftsmanship that goes into every control with an identical combination of resistance and release.

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Fine Vision electroluminescent gauges are enhanced in contrast for the clarity.

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We surveyed people all over the world to quantify the most pleasing tactile feel. The crafted a leather to match it. With tension and texture that match the ridges in your fingerprint, we've imbued the surfaces you'll engage most with the perfect touch.

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Performance is more than speed, which is why the Q50 employs opposed-piston brake calipers. They apply stopping force from both sides of the rotor at the same time for better bite, more friction and direct feel.

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Downshift Rev Matching blips the throttle to ready the engine for a lower gear. It gives you the precision of expert performance driving by delivering smoother, quicker downshifts for increased stability.

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Intelligent All-Wheel Drive infinitely adjusts for better traction by sending up to 50% of the power to the front wheels when you need it, and 100% to the rear wheels for more dynamic handling when you don't. *Only on Hybrid AWD

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Direct Adaptive Steering is a world's first digitally enhanced steering connection that allows for an unprecedented level of handling customisability while filtering out unwanted vibration. Steering feels faster and smoother.

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Dual Flow Path shock absorbers adjust damping forces based on road conditions to maintain the perfect ride and precise response to suit all your moments behind the wheel.

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