You see the city from a different perspective and so does INFINITI Q30. Shaped with dramatic lines and bold proportions, it breaks the mould of conventional design.

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Q30 Global Master Lane Departure Warning.jpg.ximg.l 6 m.smart

The Lane Departure Warning monitors lane markings and will warn you—as a vibration through the steering wheel—so you can correct your line before you leave your lane

Q30 Global Master video ICC.jpg.ximg.l 6 m.smart

Set your desired speed and distance and Intelligent Cruise Control (Full-Speed Range) will automatically adjust your speed in slowing traffic, all the way to a complete stop. Once the way clears, Intelligent Cruise Control will bring you back up to your preset speed.

*Overseas model shown

17Q30P CutDown Final IPA 20151007 USText H264.mov.jpg.ximg.l 6 m.smart

Using a combination of 12 sensors, this system will determine if the parking area is large enough. Simply press a button to confirm, and operate the accelerator and brake pedals. The Q30 will park itself safely—in parallel or reversing-in parking spots.

aroundviewmonitor1500x3000.jpg.ximg.l full m.smart

Gain a new perspective on what’s around you. With the Around View® Monitor with Moving Object Detection and Front and Rear Parking Sensor System, four cameras and one virtual 360° view from above make it easy to see and maneuver in even the tightest spaces.

QX30 600x338.jpg.ximg.l 6 m.smart

Innovative technology looks ahead for the vehicle in front. If you’re closing in too quickly, the system will warn you visually and audibly.

Q30 Global Master Features Forward Collision Stop.jpg.ximg.l 6 m.smart

Your INFINITI detects vehicles in the lane ahead of you. If you need to brake, it will push up the accelerator pedal and apply the brakes to help minimise or even prevent a collision.

Q30 Global Master Features Blind Spot Warning2.jpg.ximg.l 6 m.smart

Sensors help to alert you to a vehicle detected entering the blind spot area in an adjacent lane and help you avoid it. First, the warning light illuminates. Then, if you begin moving toward the occupied lane, a warning sounds.

Q30 Global Master Features Stronger and Lighter.jpg.ximg.l 4 m.smart

High- and ultra high-strength steel is used in critical areas, such as the roof pillars, floor and roof cross-members, door beams and various reinforcements to enhance your safety in case of a collision.

Q30 Global Master Features Reducing Force.jpg.ximg.l 4 m.smart

In the event of a collision, advanced front and rear crumple zones deform gradually to help absorb the energy of the impact before it reaches the passenger cabin.

Q30 Global Master Features See the Signs.jpg.ximg.l 4 m.smart 1

Traffic Sign Recognition uses a camera to watch for posted speed limits and give you a reminder in the instrument panel. When you’re aware, you’re in command.

Q30 Global Master Design Gallery Carousel 05.jpg.ximg.l 6 m.smart

The advantages of a higher stance, muscular wheel arches and a provocative low-slung roofline are combined to transform unexpected body proportions into something fresh and dynamic

Q30 performance sport suspension.jpg.ximg.l 6 m.smart

Deep, sculpted lines of the Q30 run all the way from the front grille, over the hood, dramatically down the side, then finally wrap around to the rear. Let the 3D-formed sheet metal draw you in from any angle.

Q30 Global Master Design Carousel Dynamic Lines.jpg.ximg.l 6 m.smart

A rising and dipping shoulder line runs the entire length of the Q30. The deep, sharp curves on the doors are so dramatic, engineers had to develop a new type of 3D manufacturing process to produce them. The Q30 looks like nothing else on the streets.

Q30 600x337 2.jpg.ximg.l 6 m.smart

Specially designed to integrate with the athletic ride height of the Q30 Sport, the dark finish shows off its aggressive styling. Lightweight to enhance performance, they are standard on Q30 Sport and S Premium grades

Q30 600x337 3.jpg.ximg.l 6 m.smart

A rising and dipping shoulder line runs the entire length of the Q30. The deep, sharp curves on the doors are so dramatic, engineers had to develop a new type of 3D manufacturing process to produce them. The Q30 looks like nothing else on the streets.

infiniti q30 vlp interior black leather.jpg.ximg.l full m.smart

From the driver’s seat, the intersecting curves of the interior are refreshingly dynamic, but our designers know that your first view happens before you ever sit down. So they designed it to be breathtaking the moment you open the door, from the side view, as well as head on.

Q30 Global Master Performance Dual Clutch Transmission2.jpg.ximg.l 6 m.smart

Shift delays are now an artifact of history. With one clutch for even gears and another for odd, the next gear is already pre-selected. The result is smooth gear changes you’ll interpret as pure, clean power.

Adjust your driving experience to fit the moment. Select from Manual, ECO or Sport mode to fine-tune your performance to your needs.

Q30 600x337 2.jpeg.ximg.l 6 m.smart

Paddle shifters on the steering wheel give you fingertip control over gear selection. The speedy shifting of the Dual Clutch Transmission feels even faster when you never take your hands from the wheel to change gears.

Q30 Global Master Performance carousel Continuous Rush.jpg.ximg.l 6 m.smart

Expericence our vision of power. By precisley turning the engine to unleash torque over a broader rev range, the force you feel seems to increase the faster you go, making swell feel like a limitless rush.

Q30 Global Master Performance Sharpness with smoothness.jpg.ximg.l 6 m.smart

Sporty yet forgiving, you can feel the attention paid to tuning the Q30 shock absorbers. They hold the Q30 tight and stable as you take turns whilst softening rough pavement and cobblestone, for a rare balance of responsive handling with a smooth ride. Engineers even reduced suspension noise so it sounds smooth.

Q30 performance sport suspension.jpg.ximg.l 6 m.smart 1

In the Q30 2.0T Petrol, reflexes are sharpened and the look is more aggressive, thanks to a suspension that is lower and firmer. It is paired with larger brakes and cross-drilled front discs that stay cooler for better stopping performance.

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