Triffic Trafic - Europe’s favourite van is ours at last

Posted by on 21 September 2016


Triffic Trafic - Europe’s favourite van is ours at last!

Having spent 18 years at the top of the European light commercial market, selling to 1.6 million customers Renault’s Trafic has moved into its third generation and it’s available in New Zealand with an extraordinary level of standard equipment and full of thoughtful design touches. 


The Trafic’s history is little known in New Zealand, but it’s a light commercial vehicle produced by Renault since 1981. In Europe it is also marketed as the Nissan Primastar and Opel/Vauxhall Vivaro. Previous versions of the Trafic have even been sold by Chevrolet and the original generation model is still built and sold in India by Tata Motors.

The original Traffic was launched in 1980 to replace the iconic Estafette, which can be traced back to the 1950s. The Trafic has already sold more than 1.6 million units around the world and this year the Trafic III story is destined this year to continue this van extraordinaire’s success by debuting in 50 countries around the world.

This practical and economical ‘Van à Vivre’, - as Renault puts it - (the English translation is loosely, ‘a living van’) is now sporting a slicker, fresher look, with better aerodynamics on the outside and improved ergonomics in the cabin and load area. The company also makes the point that the series III Traffic benefits from some smart innovations to improve the working lives of business customers and users. 

Externally, the Trafic III comes with a completely new design, with a bigger, more upright Renault logo and brand identity sitting front of a much more forceful and dynamics stance, reinforced by expressive slim, wide, headlights and the more sloping windscreen which provided improved forward vision and a more cohesive meeting point with the bonnet, above a wide air intake.

Sharper lines make the vehicle’s silhouette more dynamic than before, while inside, the Trafic offers user-friendly facilities in a van that is modern and comfortable, responding closely to the needs of customers and actively contributing to the success of their business.

The new third generation Traffic also gains a new line-up of engines which are more flexible, responsive and economical than on previous versions, with an efficient new twin-turbocharged 1.6 dCi engine that delivers 100km on less than 6.2 litres of fuel. 

The Trafic is only available as the Twin-Turbo version in New Zealand, with crisp throttle response and lusty low-end torque for brisk acceleration, even when the vehicle is fully loaded.

Both the driver and passenger have front and lateral side curtain airbags, while a full steel bulkhead separates the passenger compartment from the cargo area. There’s a three-level load dependent electronic stability programme, called Grip X-tend.

As well as a choice of manual or automatic transmissions, every Traffic III has cruise control and variable speed limiter function, as well as automatic lighting and wipers along with with remote fingertip audio controls, for safe and accurate manoeuvering and parking, the Renault has a reversing camera and sensors.

Renault supplies independent front/rear remote opening for its van as well as a bench seat with fold down work table, an A4 clip board and hideaway laptop storage. 

The load length is 2900mm, while there’s a useful 1268mm between the rear wheel arches - wide enough to accommodate standard builders’ sheets and pallets. The van’s dual sliding doors are glazed.

There’s also a load-through trap under the passenger seat for longer items, while the load area has 270 degree-opening rear barn doors for easier fork hoist and cargo loading. For even more load capacity, tow-bar preparation is provided as standard, and requires only a simple tow hitch installation at point of sale

Having been the maker of Europe’s biggest selling light commercial vehicle for the past 18 years in a row, with a range that spreads from the Kangoo city delivery van, through to the Renault Master at 17 cubic metres, Renault is now offering the full gamut of its working van range in New Zealand, with the arrival of the celebrated Trafic III. 

The Trafic III, is priced from $49,990 and has 12 month / 30,000m service intervals. 


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