The Alfa Romeo Giulia Coupe Will Blow Away Its Competitors With F1 Hybrid Tech

Posted by Miles Branman, on 9 April 2018

Styling should mirror the Giulia sedan, but the coupe will gain a restyled front and rear end, longer doors, and a distinct nameplate (either Sprint or GTV). It’s also possible that Alfa Romeo will create a five-door coupe model to contend with Audi’s new RS5 Sportback. Whether Alfa Romeo will choose to equip an all-wheel drive system like Audi is to be determined, but we’d personally miss the drifty goodness of a rear-drive setup. Pricing is completely theoretical at this point, but $80K seems like a fair estimate for the most potent Giulia two-door, given the car’s competitors.

The world needs more hot Italian two-doors, so we’re hoping to see the Giulia coupe ASAP. 

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