Posted by Dave Moore on 30 December 2015

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renault zoe2COMING SOON TO RENAULT AT EUROMARQUE - The most modern electric vehicle selection in New Zealand. 

Full staff training and the establishment of a national infrastructure is in train already, and more details of how it all works and particularly the Zoe and Kango EVs will be made available in 2016. 

MEET ZOE - The simple revolution in daily electric car driving.

You may have already enjoyed the pleasure of driving the Clio, now meet Zoe, which is the Clio's smaller sister, with a squeaky-clean low cost electric drive system, which provides the most relaxing driving experience around.

The Zoe is a car that's clean on the outside and clean on the inside; and one that you can communicate with remotely. No more queuing at petrol stations, you just have to plug it in, saving time and effort at home or at work.

The Zoe also proves that Electric cars don't need to be strange or quirky to look at. We think it looks just gorgeous, and we should know, with the smartly-styled Clio, Megane and Captur also in our showroom.

The Zoe electric car won't be here until 2016, but will be well worth waiting for. We'll be keeping you posted with details, pricing and specification as the launch date arrives.


renault kangoo zeKANGOO ZE - New Zealand's first electric commercial vehicle. 

Meanwhile, on the commercial vehicle front, Renault's Kangoo is also going electric, with the arrival of the plug-in or ZE version. To made available with two and five seats, the Kangoo from Euromarque will soon be able to cater for both tradesmen and forward-looking young families, where being green and sensible is part of their daily living.

Being electric, the new Kangoos will provide instant torque and pulling power, and the simplest driving experience possible. 

The new Kangoo ZEs are a pleasure to drive with a single gear and easy to charge solutions including a 'Wall Box' - for recharging from home - or recharging stations at your workplace.

If, in the New Year you notice that Christchurch is getting a little quieter these days, a lot of this will be due to Euromarque and Renault where future driving is already here!

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