Clio - my how you've grown

Posted by Dave Moore on 12 June 2015

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Clio 2012 4In the early years you were a tiny wee thing. Cute, perfectly formed and so good to use and look at that at one time you were France's and Britain's favourite hatchback, a second car of really character and gamin.

But look at you now. Longer, lissom, with space for not only your fortunate owner, but for four friends too. Two great engine choices, a 900 triple and a 1.2-litre four and an automatic if it's needed 

You've gained some curves now too, with the kind of voluptuous charm that's rare in your price range, while inside, the space, finish, and style is from a segment some steps beyond, with all the home comforts and connectivity customers expect.

In fact you're no longer a second car, you're a first choice piece of continental charm with a price range that borders on implausible when you look at what you have to put up with for $00,000 these days.

Looking through your album now, your growing up has been fascinating to follow, from that disarming Tom-boy of a hatchback to a fully formed and desirable family-sized car.

 I think we should spend some time together. 

New Renault Clio is available at Euromarque from $24,990 +ORC. 

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